Small groups for couples are a place where connections are made and relationships are built. A list of couples groups that are currently OPEN can be found below. Choose one that best fits your schedule and designate that choice on the sign up link below. Someone will contact you on next steps.

Join us for Fall Enrollment at GroupLink on September 10th

Fall Semester: September 11th – November 19

Open Groups that meet weekly:

  • [Finnerty] all ages | mixed [1st & 3rd] Sunday 5pm [West End]
  • [Martinez] all ages [weekly] Monday 6:30pm [23112]

Open Groups that meet bi-weekly:

  • [Furey] all ages [bi-weekly] Friday 7pm [23120]
  • [Grimes] all ages | mixed [bi-weekly] Thursday 7pm [23112]
  • [Keller] all ages [bi-weekly] Sunday 6pm [23832]
  • [Salabao] all ages [2nd & 4th] Wednesday 6:30pm [23236]
  • [Struzzieri] all ages [1st & 3rd] Sunday 6pm [23112]
  • [Wingo] all ages [bi-weekly] Monday 7pm [Moseley]

Fall Semester weekly Support Groups:

LIVING FREE Committed Couples Groups

Living Free Groups meet weekly for 12 weeks. Find out more about Living Free here.

  • LF Committed Couples [Bromans] Monday 7pm [23112]
  • LF Committed Couples [Williamsons] Thursday 7pm [23112]

PARENTING Course Sessions

Couples ages 23-35 with kid are encouraged to join the parenting group

  • [A.Grant] bi-weekly Thursdays (new dates coming SPRING 2017) [Bailey Bridge Campus]