Where do our guests go during the day?

The guests are picked up in the mornings and they will go back to the central intake center downtown. They will then go to their job, their caseworker, their counselor, or wherever else they go during the day. They meet back at the intake center, get on the bus, and then come back to the Bailey Bridge Campus every evening.

Is it OK if my children come to serve?

This is our 11th year hosting guests and we have always had positive experiences with your kids and the guests. We recommend that you use your own discretion in regards to bringing you kids. Here are a couple of recommendations:

  • Minimum age of 8
  • Kids MUST have supervision at ALL times. Any child found unattended will be reconnected with parents. Multiple issues will result in us asking you to leave.
  • Kids never can be alone with a guest.

How close to schedule can we expect to run?

Each year, we learn a little more about flexibility! Please keep in mind -all times are approximate. Our guests are scheduled to arrive at 6:00 pm but could be a little earlier or later. The morning pick up will be 5:15 am during the weekdays and will be a little later  on the weekends, so please plan accordingly. Breakfast should be ready by 4:45 am.

How do we serve meals?

Meals are entirely provided by the small group that signs up for the meal. More details will come with your confirmation email.

  • BREAKFAST: Provide a hot meal and serve it or provide a healthy continental style breakfast for 32 guests and the servers
  • LUNCH: Provide 32 bagged lunches and drop off on the night prior to the day you have chosen. Provide 2 sandwiches, 2 drinks, and a couple of snacks. Note Sunday lunches are served in the lower level.
  • DINNER: Provide and serve a hot meal to 32 guests, your small group/ serving party and the leadership team (approx 60 people total)