Thank you for your prayerful consideration in joining the Creative Arts team here at Clover Hill. Take a read through of our guidelines, complete the questionnaire and return to Creative Pastor, and submit an audition video as soon as possible to help move this process along. 

Why we exist

Clover Hill exists to connect people to Christ and move them along in their spiritual journey. For this purpose, we put a high priority on worship and the arts that drive it. It’s not our desire to be strict or legalistic or have rules that no one can follow, but the importance of a unified and humble team rests on accountability and commitment. We have an overwhelming responsibility to be modern day priests in the house of the lord. We are constantly striving for excellence in all we do, and the end result is that God be glorified in and through us!

This team is not about performance or perfection, but about fulfilling our calling as lead worshippers! In searching out individuals to be part of the Creative Arts team, we are looking for people who would say that they believe that worship leading is their number one calling. They believe it is what God created them to do more than anything else

The creative arts team is a group of musicians, singers, and technicians empowered through faith and unity to lift up the name of Jesus. We acknowledge we are nothing but a noise without the power and the anointing of God. God offers us his best so we want to offer him our best though weekly preparation, commitment and accountability. We are more than just singers, or band, or tech team… we are lead worshippers with a calling to lead this church and our community in worship to the King.

Joining the Team

One of the primary things we look for in those auditioning is whether you’re either already involved in our church, or you have plans to make Clover Hill your church home.

The Creative Arts Team is very subjective, and therefore very prone to offense, hurt feelings, and division. We ask that all members be able to handle criticism, and even rejection before considering involvement on this team. It is not our intention to cause discouragement but by agreeing to be a part of the team or to audition for the team you need to make a commitment to us, God and yourself that you will not allow offense to take root in your heart. We will commit to be lovingly honest. It is our goal to put people on a team where they can be the most effective.

Process for joining

  • Fill out questionnaire and return to Creative Pastor.
  • Submit video recording to Creative Pastor. [Instructions below]
  • A panel will review your submission. If you are selected, a live audition will follow.
  • Live in-person audition and Meeting with Creative Pastor for assessment
  • Wait for rotation availability (Individuals will be selected as space becomes available)

Vocal Expectations

  • Vocalist must have ability to pick out harmonies on your own and quickly.
  • Must have confidence on stage and comfortable with worship expression.
  • Vocals must be able to sing to a metronome easily. [All songs are driven by click-track]
  • If you miss rehearsal you cannot sing.
  • Be on time to rehearsals.
  • Come to 3 rehearsals before singing on stage.
  • Vocals are on a rotation basis.

Band Expectations

  • Musicians must be able to read charts and play songs like they are recorded.
  • Must have confidence on stage and comfortable with worship expression.
  • Musicians must be able to play to a metronome easily staying on beat.[All songs are driven by click-track]
  • If you miss rehearsal you cannot play.
  • Be on time to rehearsals.
  • Must attend 3 band rehearsals before eligible to play on a Sunday.
  • Playing is on a rotation basis.

General Guidelines

  • Please respect others during down times in rehearsal by not playing or singing.
  • Weekly/Daily Spiritual Disciplines.
  • Guard against gossip/complaining/criticism by speaking directly to the person.
  • Attend church even if you are not on rotation.
  • Lifestyle of worship.
  • Be teachable.
  • Pray for team and leadership regularly.
  • Adequate skill level with a desire to continue to get better.
  • Commit to the team and honor the commitment.
  • Be in service for weekly sermon.

Audition Video Submission

We understand most people do not have access to high-end recording equipment. This is taken into consideration when reviewing submissions. A raw recording using a computer webcam, iPhone or camcorder is fine. You may email the video file to Creative Pastor or post to YouTube.

Please submit two videos.

One singing Melody and one singing Harmony using the following songs:

“Cornerstone” by Hillsong [Available on YouTube] or

“Waiting here for you” by Cristy Nockels [Available on YouTube].


Creative Questionnaire

Please complete the questionnaire online and the Creative Pastor will contact you as soon as possible.