Thanks for your interest in getting involved in our Renovation Projects. Contact Chesley Delans at with questions or to get involved on a particular trip.

Project #1: Extreme Church Makeover | Washington, DC

Location: Washington, DC

Depart: Friday, August 18th | 5:15AM

Return: Saturday, August 19th | evening

Work: Painting | Floor tile work | Bathroom upgrades | Sound booth | Electrical upgrades | Suspended ceilings | New kitchen cabinets & more

Cost: Free (Please bring some funds to cover snacks for trip to the project site and dinner for return trip. Otherwise, all food is covered at the project site.)

For the Extreme Church Makeover projects, they are overnight trips.

BRING: Your own sleeping bag / cot / air mattress, toiletry, medications, towel, change of clothes, Bible and devotional. A small flashlight comes in handy, possibly ear plugs (it can get noisy at night) and a bag of your small tools if you’d like. Most important, a Serving Heart.

If you would like to be on the mailing list for these renovation projects and relief trips, please contact Chesley Delans at as soon as possible. These trips are free.