A list of mens groups that are currently OPEN can be found below. The following open groups are made up of men of all ages. Choose one that best fits your schedule and designate that choice on the sign up link. Someone will contact you on next steps.

Fall Semester: September 17th – November 11th

Available Groups:

Semester Groups that meet weekly

  • [Cheyne] all ages [weekly] Tuesday 7pm [23832]
  • [Clarke] all ages [weekly] Monday 7pm [23112]
  • [Dodge] all ages [weekly] Wednesday 7am [Starbucks, 23112]
  • [Fenty] Mixed | Singles | ages 26-36 [weekly] Wednesday 7pm [23112]
  • [Granell] all ages [weekly] Wednesday 6:30pm [Panera]
  • [Hobbs] all ages [weekly] Tuesday 7am [Cracker Barrel]
  • [J. Furey] all ages [weekly] Thursdays 6am [23120]
  • [Haines] all ages [weekly] Mondays 7:30pm [Panera]
  • [Poston] all ages [weekly] Thursday 7pm [23112]

Semester Groups that meet bi-weekly

  • [Jamerson] all ages [bi-weekly] Tuesday 7pm [23236]

Support Group for Men 

If you need help breaking the chains of sexual addiction, we have a confidential group this semester that will meet about this and work towards freedom. Contact Pastor Barry at bclark@cloverhillag.org.