Our Foster Network

Right now, there are at-risk families right in our local area. In many ways, they are just like your family. Parents who want their children to be safe. Parents who desire to have a home that is stable and loving. Children want to come home from school knowing that things will be okay when they get there. However, many of these families are facing such hard circumstances that their children are in the custody of the State.

These families need time, resources, and help with their kids while they work toward making the changes that are needed for their children to return home. We can meet these needs in our area by providing families who will foster children within their own counties and school districts.

Clover Hill has been given the opportunity by Chesterfield’s Department of Social Services to launch a program creating our very own Foster Network to provide care and support to those who are involved in this initiative. The Network is set up to help foster families succeed.

There are three ways you can be involved in our Foster Network:

  • Be a foster family
  • Be a respite family that acts as aunts and uncles to these children
  • Be a support mentor which helps with the various needs of foster families.

With your help, the Clover Hill Foster Network can be part of the solution. The families right here in our church can make a difference!



Getting Involved

Foster Network Interest Meeting 

To learn more about what our foster network is about and how you can be involved in providing care and support for this community, join us on Wednesday, December 6.

We will cover the following areas of interest.

  • Fostering
  • Support for Foster Families
  • Respite for Foster Families
  • Mentoring Teens in Care
  • First Response Team
  • Royal Family Kids Camp

DATE: DECEMBER 6, 6:00 – 7:00 pm

LOCATION: Bailey Bridge Campus




Royal Family Kids Camp

If you’d like to be considered as a volunteer, look for application time next year.

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The Forgotten Initiative

Clover Hill has partnered with The Forgotten Initiative to help mobilize and equip believers to serve, mentor and support the foster care community. The Forgotten Initiative serves to help you tangibly show the love of Jesus to the one who feels forgotten.

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